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This postcard is oriented vertically and has a white background. At the top of the postcard, it reads in all-caps, black script "NATIONAL SANTA CLAUS SERIES." Below this script is a frame made of holly leaves and red holly berries. In the center of…
The card has a vivid patterned red background with heart decorations. Printed in the center is a white heart with flower vines and Cupid, not wearing any clothing. He has on a gray hat with green band and a sling of arrows while he plays the harp.…
Among a heavily wooded area in which many angels are seen, an angel with a light pink dress and a halo is seen playing a golden harp. Under the angel the phrase "Christmas Greetings" is written.
The upper part of the card depicts two angels, one playing the harp and one holding pink-purple flowers, looking down upon the baby Jesus with a lamb in the hay on the lower half of the card.
A blonde-haired angel dressed in red-gold and green with red-gold wings holds a harp-like instrument. It is bordered by holly and the lower right reads "A happy Christmas."
Mary is seen holding her newborn son, Jesus, among a chorus of angels that are all praying and playing for the birth of Jesus. Bordering the picture is a frame encompassing mistletoe and the phrase "mistletoe" at the top of the card.
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