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Santa Claus is shown from the chest up inside a wreath of holly with a ribbon at the bottom. The card's background is brown and "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the top.
The card's background is red, patterned like the bark of a tree, with some holly decoration. Hanging from the top and draped like a necklace is a gray ribbon; the charm has a border of gold and features a profile view of Santa Claus. "Merry…
Santa Claus' face is printed on a golden bell that has holly across its top. "A Merry Christmas" is printed below with the poem: "The wish is old this beards to you, But so are Time and Christmas too."
The card's background is completely covered with poinsettias. In the center is a green bell made of holly with Santa Claus' face on it; it's suspended by red, white and blue ribbon. "Xmas Joys to You" is barely visible on the bell's pattern.
The card shows a head view of Father Christmas nestled amid holly leaves and berries. Printed in the lower right corner is "A merry Christmas to you."
Father Christmas' head, covered in a red hood, is nestled amid holly leaves and branches. Printed in the lower left is "Christmas Greetings."
Father Christmas' head and shoulders are visible amid a background of holly leaves and branches. "A Merry Christmas" is printed across the bottom.
As if he's sharing a secret, Father Christmas is tapping the side of his nose with one finger. His head is shown above a pine-and-bell decoration; he is wearing a floppy red hat with a blue rim. There are icicles at the top of the card and printed at…
Father Christmas' head is shown above a cluster of holly; his mouth is open and he could be singing. Below, there is a farm shown in the distant snow. The card reads "Merry Christmas".
Father Christmas' head in profile is shown in the upper part of the card; he is wearing a floppy red hat rimmed in holly. "A Bright Yuletide" is printed in the upper left, while below is the poem, "We're here again with / The same old Smile, / Go…
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