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Santa Claus is dressed in a long red coat and carries both a bag of toys and a walking stick. He is set in a heart-shaped frame, and the background is a starry sky. The rest of the card's background is cream with holly decorations and the greeting…
Santa Claus is standing behind a white bell with a cherub on the front. The bell is covered with holly. The winged cherub, naked save a blue hat, is holding an enormous heart-shaped ring in front of its body with the tag "A Merry Xmas" attached.
Two angels, a girl and boy, are seated on a short wall. The boy on the right is reading a book and the one on the left is holding a red heart. A flower garland is draped along the wall and there are white doves flying on the left side of the card.…
The card has an inset on a blue background. To the right is a blue-ish Cupid with bow and arrow and golden wings. To the left "To" is printed above a red heart with an arrow through it, and below it, "My Valentine."
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