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There is an inset of Santa Claus hanging ornaments on a tree to the left; to the right is a holly decoration. They are on a gray background and "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the lower right.
The card shows an inset of Santa Claus in its center, with holly decorations on the sides. The background is falling snow, and "To with you a merry Christmas" is printed in the upper right.
Santa Claus is in the center of the card, carrying a bag of toys. He is surrounded by evergreen and holly. The card's background shows a snowy village scene, and "A merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card is divided into thirds: the leftmost has a brown background and a holly decoration, the center has Santa Claus with a "Best Christmas Wishes" gift tag, and the third shows a church and house with a sunset in the background.
Santa Claus is dressed in a hooded red coat, carrying a bag of toys over his shoulder and bundle of sticks under his arm. "With Best Christmas Wishes" is printed at the top and there is a holly decoration over the rest of the card.
Santa Claus, while smoking a pipe, is feeding a candy cane to a reindeer. He has a bag of toys and decorated Christmas tree on his back. There are holly decorations around it on a gray background, and "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
There is an inset of Santa Claus to the right, carrying a bag and a snowy tree. The rest of the card has the greeting "A Merry Christmas" and a holly decoration on top of vertical holly stripes against a cream background.
Santa Claus is pictured in an inset to the left of the card, smoking a pipe while carrying a bag of toys. There is a holly decoration surrounding it on the cream background and "Christmas Greetings" printed to the right.
The card appears to be smudged with black lines. In the center is the message "Hearty Christmas Greetings" and there is a small inset of Santa Claus with a bag of toys to the left, surrounded by holly.
Santa Claus, shown from his shoulders up, is in a red frame to the right of the card. To the left is the greeting "Peace and good Will to all" surrounded by holly.
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