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Father Christmas, in a long red coat, is loading packages and other items into a half-filled green sleigh. On the ground, yet to be loaded, is a tree, instrument, and wheelbarrow. A white horse with a bobbed tail waits to pull the sleigh, eating from…
Santa Claus' face takes up the center of the card; right next to it, he has one child blowing a trumpet on the right and one holding a doll and teddy bear on the left. His hands hold both of them. Above is printed "Santa Claus and his two Children…
An angel clothed in red with peacock-feather wings is playing an s-shaped horn or trumpet. It is surrounded by holly and printed to the right is "May you have a Joyous Christmas."
A blonde-haired angel dressed in red-gold and green with red-gold wings holds a harp-like instrument. It is bordered by holly and the lower right reads "A happy Christmas."
The upper part of the card depicts two angels, one playing the harp and one holding pink-purple flowers, looking down upon the baby Jesus with a lamb in the hay on the lower half of the card.
A red-robed angel plays a stringed instrument like a violin on the left side of the card. Printed on the right is "Hark! the heaven of heavens is ringing, Christ the Lord to man is born, Welcome, Welcome, Christmas morn. Rev. Archer Gurney." The…
Father Christmas is playing the trumpet. He is carrying a basket of red and blue toys and there is a Christmas tree behind him.
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