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Intramurals- Sept. 26th, 1952-1953.jpg
A full page from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the College's intramural sports program. The article is accompanied by two photographs: 1) intramural program director Vince Dowd sitting behind a desk filled with…

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 10.jpg
A person in a t-shirt that reads "LORAS" standing in a horseshoe pit and holding a horseshoe.

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 11.jpg
A ping pong/table tennis player standing at the edge of a table, holding out a ping pong ball. Behind them, several Coca Cola bottles are stacked in crates.

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 4.jpg
Bowling, basketball, and tennis trophies. Some labels say: "Midlands Conference Extra Mural Tournament Champs 1952," "M.C. R.U. 52," "M.C. Champ 52," "M.C. Doubles Champ 52."

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 7.jpg
Five people squatting in a bowling lane. Four of them are resting a bowling ball on the ground. The person in the middle holds a trophy that shows a bowler, bowling ball, and bowling pin. (Note: old finding aid lists this as "Five bowlers with a…

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 9.jpg
A tennis player in casual clothing with slicked back hair stands at the net. They are holding their racquet in both hands and looking seriously at the camera.

Loose negatives at front of box 36.jpg
A single bowler throwing a ball down a bowling lane in Fieldhouse. Two other people are visible in the background.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 15.jpg
A person wearing light colored shorts and a t-shirt, dark sneakers, and tortoise shell pattern glasses. They are wearing gloves and are about to hit a handball that is in midair.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 55.jpg
A desk with trophies covering its surface. Some labels: "Loras College Intramural Champion" and "M. C. Doubles Champs 52."

Intramurals- Mar. 11th, 1954-1955.jpg
A full page from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the College's hosting of the 1955 Midlands Extramural Meet. The page includes other various articles as well as two photographs: 1) three Loras College students (identified…
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