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Loose negatives at front of box 36.jpg
A single bowler throwing a ball down a bowling lane in Fieldhouse. Two other people are visible in the background.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 15.jpg
A person wearing light colored shorts and a t-shirt, dark sneakers, and tortoise shell pattern glasses. They are wearing gloves and are about to hit a handball that is in midair.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 55.jpg
A desk with trophies covering its surface. Some labels: "Loras College Intramural Champion" and "M. C. Doubles Champs 52."

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 4.jpg
Bowling, basketball, and tennis trophies. Some labels say: "Midlands Conference Extra Mural Tournament Champs 1952," "M.C. R.U. 52," "M.C. Champ 52," "M.C. Doubles Champ 52."

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 7.jpg
Five people squatting in a bowling lane. Four of them are resting a bowling ball on the ground. The person in the middle holds a trophy that shows a bowler, bowling ball, and bowling pin. (Note: old finding aid lists this as "Five bowlers with a…

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 9.jpg
A tennis player in casual clothing with slicked back hair stands at the net. They are holding their racquet in both hands and looking seriously at the camera.

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 10.jpg
A person in a t-shirt that reads "LORAS" standing in a horseshoe pit and holding a horseshoe.

Intramurals (1952 - 1953) 11.jpg
A ping pong/table tennis player standing at the edge of a table, holding out a ping pong ball. Behind them, several Coca Cola bottles are stacked in crates.

Intramurals- Sept. 26th, 1952-1953.jpg
A full page from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the College's intramural sports program. The article is accompanied by two photographs: 1) intramural program director Vince Dowd sitting behind a desk filled with…

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