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Santa Claus is wearing a dark red coat with white trim and carrying toys in his hands. Behind him is a town. He is framed in gold and white with evergreen and pine decorations at the bottom; the card's border is pink. "To wish you a merry Christmas"…
A white embroidered Santa is stepping into a basket. The card is ombre with purple being at the bottom. There is a city in the background.
A rosy pink Santa is hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. His outfit has brown accent colors.
Santa is a very light pink with very bright and intense pink accents. He is holding dolls as they braid a little girl's hair.
This Santa has a pink and purple coat. He is carrying dolls and a bag on his back.
In a picture lined with pink ribbon, a joyful Santa Claus is seen smiling. He is among holly berries and holly leaves and above him the phrase "a merry Christmas to old friends all".
In the center of the card, inset into a bell-shape, Father Christmas in a hooded brown coat is whispering to a young angel in pink, who carries a puppy. The background of the card includes evergreen, pine cones, and a band of blue stars on a pink…
Father Christmas is holding a tree and bag of toys as he walks through the snow. His coat is a pink-purple color.
The card's colors are dull, and only the pink of the doll being held by Father Christmas stands out. Father Christmas, in a hooded coat, is seated. He is holding a blonde-haired doll to the right of the card, dressed in a pale blue dress and pink…
Bear in pink coat visits a girl who has fallen asleep waiting for him. The bear is carrying some toys on his back in a brown basket.

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