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St. Nicholas is dragging a child in a sleigh through the snow. It is a very red card with German writing.
St. Nicholas is hiking through the snow to deliver gifts in a purple coat. Children are following him picking up the toys he drops along his journey.
St. Nicholas is huddled with children and a donkey. They are outside a village with snow on the ground.
Father Christmas talking to children outside. There is snow on the ground and Father Christmas is carrying a mini Christmas tree on his back.
St. Nicholas is handing out fruit to children. Children are surrounding him, and a little boy is reaching into his bag.
St. Nicholas is leading three small children through the snow. He is wearing a blue coat and has a large back of toys on his back.
Traditional Santa Claus is trudging through snow to deliver gifts. This picture is within a snowflake on a beautifully textured card with a Christmas greeting.
A house with a snowy roof is shown. A woman is standing in the doorway.
Traditional Santa is ringing a giant bell outside in the snow. It appears as if the wind is blowing vigorously and there is a blizzard.
Santa is wearing a very long gray coat and is handing a turkey to a woman in the doorway of a log cabin. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting on the card.
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