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Santa Claus, in a snow-dusted red coat and hat, is pulling a toy out of his bag and stuffing it down a brick chimney while he is smoking a pipe. The bottom reads "With love from Santa Claus."
Santa Claus, dressed in a red coat and hat, has evergreen wrapped around him and is carrying a bag of toys in his right hand. Snow is falling, and "A happy Christmas" is printed in the upper right corner.
Father Christmas is dressed in a brown coat and is outside with snow falling around him. he is carrying a walking stick and shining lantern in one hand and a bundle of sticks in the other. Printed in the bottom right is "Merry Christmas."
Santa Claus is outside in the snow and has the hood of his red coat pulled up. He is holding a letter with the greeting "A Jolly Old Fashioned Christmas To You" printed on it.
The card depicts at head-and-shoulders view of Santa Claus peeking over the edge of a snow-covered roof by the brick chimney. There is a holly decoration on the roof as well as a few in the upper right and left corners. "Best Christmas Greetings" is…
Santa Claus is wearing a red suit trimmed with dark fur. There is snow blowing around him, and he has his hands cupped to his face to blow warmth on them. He may be shoveling; there is a wooden handle in front of him. "Just a kindly thought for the…
Father Christmas' head is shown above a cluster of holly; his mouth is open and he could be singing. Below, there is a farm shown in the distant snow. The card reads "Merry Christmas".
In a circular picture, Santa Claus is seen smiling. Surrounding him, are bushels of holly, covered in ice and snow. On the bottom left-hand side of the postcard reads the phrase "may joy and happiness fill your heart this Christmas day".
Santa Claus is seen within a portrait. Around him are bushels of holly, holly berries, and bells. On the top of the postcard, there is a snowy mountain view. On the bottom of the notecard, the phrase "a joyous Christmas" is printed.
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