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In the foreground are the three wise men, lavishly dressed in robes and hats. One rides a camel while the other two ride horses. On a donkey behind them is a dark-skinned servant. At the top of the card, two angels point the way to a building in the…
Smiling, a brown-coated Father Christmas is carrying a bag on his back. Crawling down it and flying off it are four small angels, carrying toys and treats. A shooting star is overhead, and "Herzlichen Weihnachts" is printed at the bottom with a…
A white-robed, blonde-haired angel with wings extended is standing on a cloud and highlighted by a red background. It has a long staff with a shining star at the top. Near its feet are yellow and orange flowers, a ribbon, and the greeting "A Merry…
A white-robed angel with light pink wings and a crown of holly is holding the ends of a holly branch in both hands and toys in its robe. There is a star overhead. "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left.

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A blonde-haired angel in a pink dress with long white wings is the central focus of the card. It is holding an armful of white flowers on long stems and has a small star over its head. "Easter Greeting" is printed in purple at the bottom.
Inset in a square in the lower left is an image of a blonde-haired, white-robed angel with a star over its head holding a small evergreen tree. Above the scene is a vase filled with holly. The card reads "A Happy Christmas to you."

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