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A child is praying to St. Nicholas for some fruit. This card is very blue.
St. Nicholas is talking to a young boy and girl. There is a bag of toys in front of them.
St. Nicholas is opening his bag of gifts for two children to take. One child is kneeling, another is standing. Both look very excited.
Two children have their hands out waiting for St. Nicholas to give them gifts from his bag. The bag contains dolls and St. Nick is holding a red box.
St. Nicholas is opening his bag for children to take gifts out of it. There are three young girls around him and he is wearing baby blue attire.
St. Nicholas is giving advice to two young girls, as he point his index finger upward. Two young children play with toys as he speaks.
St. Nicholas is holding a small child in one arm. Another young girl is playing with the gifts he got her.
St. Nicholas is holding a basket of toys as a girl picks through them. Another girl is crawling on the floor.
St. Nicholas has his hand hovering over a boy's head as he hold a toy bear. A little girl is holding her new toy.
St. Nicholas has his left hand on a girl's shoulder as she holds a bag of toys with excitement. The photo is black and white with pinkish-red accents.
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