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Two Children are playing with toys and hanging ornaments up on the Christmas Tree. They are waiting for Santa to visit them.

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Father Christmas is holding a doll in the air. He is also carrying many other toys on his back.
A round jolly Santa holding many gifts. He is holding a rocking horse in his right arm.
Female Santa is carrying two suitcases and a bag of toys on her back. There is a Christmas greeting on this card.
Father Christmas is overlooking a family eat dinner as he holds a key in his hand. There is an American Flag popping out of his bag and a Christmas Greeting on the Card.
Santa is a very light pink with very bright and intense pink accents. He is holding dolls as they braid a little girl's hair.
Traditional Santa wearing blue pants with both hands hovered over the tree. The tree and curtain are both green.
Santa is in a circle in the middle of the post card. In the circle, he is carrying a bag of toys and a red stick in his right hand.
Father Christmas is bringing toys to two children tucked into bed. There is a drum and a trumpet on the bed.
Father Christmas is riding a white rocking horse and is holing a Christmas tree. He has a basket on his back filled with toys and the moon is shining bright.
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