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St. Nicholas is holding a small child in one arm. Another young girl is playing with the gifts he got her.
St. Nicholas is holding a basket of toys as a girl picks through them. Another girl is crawling on the floor.
St. Nicholas is dropping a bag of apples on the floor next to some toys. He is outside a door leaving some gifts.
St. Nicholas is hiking through the snow to deliver gifts in a purple coat. Children are following him picking up the toys he drops along his journey.
St. Nicholas is by the fireplace with a little girl and her toys. There is a teddy bear and a bunny trying to stay warm by the fire.
Santa Claus in his red coat and hat is seated in a blue armchair. On his lap are two girls, one in blue and one in pink. Behind the chair is a lighted and decorated Christmas tree, and scattered on the ground are toys- including a ball and teddy…
Santa Claus peers out from behind a large green leaf on the left side of the card. He is watching a smiling toddler use a pen to write "Deer Santa Claus" on a note; the child looks too young to write. There is a small pile of toys in the bottom…
Santa Claus' head is shown inside a holly wreath. Arrayed in front of it are toys - a doll, drum, trumpet and ball among others. The card reads "A Merry Christmas."
Santa Claus, in a light brown coat, sits at his desk writing a letter. Behind him on the right is a window opened to show a snowy scene. Almost directly behind him is a rip-off calendar showing "Dec 25" and his red coat and hat hanging up. To the…
Santa Claus, dressed in a red coat and rounded red hat, is carrying a small evergreen tree in one hand and toys in the other, including a doll, drum, and sheep. "Joyful Christmas" is printed at the top in gold, against the gold background.
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