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St. Nicholas is looking down at toys scattered on the ground. He is wearing a white gown with a long red shawl.
St. Nicholas is surrounded by many different toys. This card is very colorful and vibrant. St. Nick is wearing a green shawl.
St. Nicholas is overlooking toys. This card has a light pink undertone and is showing what seems to be a dollhouse.
St. Nicholas is dropping a bag of apples on the floor next to some toys. He is outside a door leaving some gifts.
St. Nicholas is hiking through the snow to deliver gifts in a purple coat. Children are following him picking up the toys he drops along his journey.
St. Nicholas is by the fireplace with a little girl and her toys. There is a teddy bear and a bunny trying to stay warm by the fire.
Father Christmas talking to children outside. There is snow on the ground and Father Christmas is carrying a mini Christmas tree on his back.
Two children are kneeling and praying to St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is carrying a bag of toys.
St. Nicholas is leading three small children through the snow. He is wearing a blue coat and has a large back of toys on his back.
Two children watch at St. Nicholas dumps a bag of gifts into their shoes. The children look very happy and are trying to hide as the gifts are given.
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