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Santa is Bursting out of the fireplace to deliver a Christmas tree to a little girl. The girl is excited and is reaching for the tree.
Santa is climbing through the window to bring a sleeping girl gifts. He is holding a mini Christmas tree.
Santa Claus in a red suit leans against a moss-covered tree with one arm. At his feet is a bag of toys. The grass is dotted with flowers, and the background is blue sky. To the left of the card is a long story called "The Origin of Spanish Moss."…
Santa Claus in his red suit is carrying an evergreen tree over one shoulder and a lantern in another hand. He is headed toward a red house with lit windows. The card reads "A Merry Christmas" near the bottom.
There is an inset of Santa Claus to the right, carrying a bag and a snowy tree. The rest of the card has the greeting "A Merry Christmas" and a holly decoration on top of vertical holly stripes against a cream background.
Santa Claus is dressed in a bright red coat and hat. He is carrying a small evergreen tree in one hand. Over his shoulder is a bag of toys, including instruments and a toy sheep. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the top and above that is written…
Santa Claus is dressed in a hooded red coat. He has toys in his right hand and over his shoulder; they include dolls and a trumpet. He has a small Christmas tree in his left hand. "Merry Christmas" is printed at the top against the gold background.
The card's background is red and is decorated with lit candles and evergreen. In the center, Santa Claus carries a tree over his shoulder and toys in his arms. "A merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus in a red suit stands in front of a lighted and decorated Christmas tree. He holds a teddy bear in the crook of his left arm and there is an open bag of toys at his feet. A blue and red rug covers the floor. "Wishing you a Merry Christmas"…
A Santa with gold accents is hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. This card is all a beige color and Santa is embroidered.
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