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Santa is wearing a very long gray coat and is handing a turkey to a woman in the doorway of a log cabin. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting on the card.
In the center of the card is a fully-feathered colorful turkey. Stretching over it to either side is a wishbone, which is taller than the two children pulling on it from opposite sides. The one on the left is dressed like a pilgrim in a blue outfit…
The card, done in black and white, features a woman in a long dress and bonnet. Standing at her feet is a turkey. In the top portion of the card, there is an inset of a sailing ship on the water. Above that is the greeting "Best Thanksgiving wishes".
The card is drawn in black and white. To the left is an inset of a woman in a rich fur coat and hat with veil. Near the top of her circle there is a grape vine, and pumpkins are stacked at the bottom. Slightly to teh right is an angel with clasped…
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