St. Patrick (Waukon, Iowa)


St. Patrick (Waukon, Iowa)


“Father Clement Lowery was assigned to northern Iowa and southern Minnesota in 1863. While he lived with James and Mary McDevitt in Waukon, he celebrated Mass in their home until 1864. During that year he purchased four lots and a house from the McDevitts and these were converted into a church. This building and its contents were destroyed by a fire on March 9, 1868, when Father Dennis Brennan was pastor. After the fire, Father Brennan directed the building of a brick church on the same site. It was twice remodeled and enlarged.”

- Rev. Msgr. Edgar Kurt, “Parish Profile #26: Saint Patrick Parish, Waukon.” Dubuque: The Witness, 31 May 1987.


The Archdiocese of Dubuque.
The Center for Dubuque History at Loras College.


Burback, Emily. Burns, Daniel. Gibson, Michael. Oberfoell, Carol. Waldmeir, Helen. Waldmeir, John.


Various primary and secondary sources.




Loras College
Kucera Center for Catholic Thought
Frank and Ida Goedken Series: "Spiritual Life in the Upper Mississippi River Valley"


History of the parish over the span of 164 years, including information about its priests and parishioners.

Table Of Contents

ACCW Open House Annual History 1962-1963 (7 documents)

Annual History 1972-1973, 1975-1976, 1978-1979, 1981- 1989, 1992, 3 have n.d. (16 packets)

Buildings of St. Patrick’s Photographs page (1 document)

Constitution of the Parish Council 1985 (1 packet)

Depositing School Money Letters 1938 (2 documents)

Financial Statements and Annual Reports 1968, 1986 (2 booklets)

History (1 bound booklet)

History (4 packets)

Letter and History 1936-1961 (3 documents)

Letter regarding the erection of the Stations of the Cross 1940 (1 document)

Letter regarding the Seed/Harvest Booklets and the History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque 1983 (1 document)

Pastor Cards (1 set)

Pastoral Plan 1975 (1 booklet)

Pastor List and Major Developments 1937-1961 (1 documents)

Sanctuary Society Members List ca. 1988 (1 document)


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St. Patrick’s Church built 1913-1915, 1961 with description (1 photograph)

St. Patrick New Grade School 1961 with Letter and Description (2 photographs)

St. Patrick Old School/8th Grade and High School, built 1939, 1961 and Description (1 photograph)

St. Patrick’s Rectory 1961 with description



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