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A pen and ink drawing of individual in desert reflecting to the sky


Building with windows aside a bare tree and torn tapestry with message

line drawing of large group of people forming a dove

Behold the Lamb of God.jpg
Man looking angry and pointing at another man sitting in the water behind him.

Can You Drink the Cup.jpg
Cup with drawings of satellite view of earth. The cup had nails hammered in it and seems to be spilling through the nails

Clear the Way.jpg
Shovel sitting in front. There's a church in the background of the drawing.

Coin to the Poor.jpg
A person holding on their groceries stops at a building that appears to be a church and inserts a coin in the "Poo Box"

Come Up Higher.jpg
A man with a hat is sitting on the sidewalk and a man on a suit is inviting him to come inside

Do Whatever He Tells You.jpg
4 people sitting in the back with a sign that says "Do Whatever He Tells You" A man in front looking at multiple Pots
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