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Dorothy Day.jpg
2 men with weapons looking at a lady sitting down with a hat and her legs crossed.

Man with long hair and a beard holding his fingers on top of another guy's tongue. There is also a group of individuals on the back of the drawing.

Eucharist feeding the hungry.jpg
4 children sitting a table where a cup with a drink and a plate are offered.

Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed.jpg
Man with a seed in his hand and pointing at a tree with other 3 men looking curious at the tree and at the seed.

God is the Lifegiver.jpg
Flowers sitting in front of a window with a sign God is the Lifegiver

He has sent Me to Give Good News.jpg
Window with the view of buildings some of them are blowing out smoke

He Took the Cup.jpg
God sitting at a table looking at a Cup in front of him. There are some men sitting next to him

Heading toward Jerusalem.jpg
A group of 6 men walking uphill with the sun in the background. The men are drawn as shades

Helping the Blind See.jpg
A man covering his eyes with both hands, one of the hands is partially open and you can see one the guy's eyes. God places his hand on the man's forearm

I Saw a New Jerusalem.jpg
Drawing of a tree with a clock at the top. The clock has a building inside that appears to be Jerusalem
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