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I Saw a New Jerusalem.jpg
Drawing of a tree with a clock at the top. The clock has a building inside that appears to be Jerusalem

In My Father House.jpg
God with his arms open in front of a cup and bread in a table. There are 6 people in the back looking down.

In Prison Today.jpg
The face on a man behind a fence

In the Desert.jpg
Man in the desert with his hands in the air

Jesus Mugshot.jpg
Mugshot of Jesus

A man looking mad to the left. There's a figure in the bottom left that appears to be an eye.

Last Supper.jpg
Drawing of the left side of the table at the last supper. The individuals on the left appear to be complaining. Also there is a lady in front of the table with a bag.

Let Him Save Himself.jpg
People looking at Jesus hanging on the cross

Loaves and Fishes.jpg
Multiple hands with palms up with a circle with fish in the middle

Looking for the Messiah.jpg
3 shades of people looking at the horizon. There's another shade far ahead from the other people.
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