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Moses at Burning Bush.jpg
Moses standing in front a burning bush

Moses standing with his arms open and a cross in his hand

Palm Branches.jpg
People walking with palm tree branches and in the background there is Jesus behind the bars.

2 individuals hugging each other

Render Unto Ceasar.jpg
Both sides of a coin. The illustration says "Show me the coin for the tax"

She has done a good thing for me.jpg
Jesus sitting down with a big balance in front of him. There is a woman and a man in the balance. The woman is on the right and the balance is leaning towards that side.

Some People Brought Him a Deaf Man.jpg
Man in a glass bottle and people looking at him

The Cornerstone.jpg
Cornerstone in a circular form with a nest of birds on the middle.

The Dove to Jesus.jpg
Man in the water. A bird is flying in with a letter.

The Good News.jpg
A parchment with "The Good News" written on it.
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