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Campus Improvement 1958 3.jpg
A worker kneeling near a cut out portion of roof.

Campus Improvement 1958 5.jpg
Three workers near a cut out portion of roof. Two standing, one seated.

St. Pat's Auction 12.jpg
A person on a stage holding an object and speaking into a microphone. Tables of various items are on and near the stage. An audience looks on and one person is standing nearby.

St. Pat's Auction 9.jpg
A horizontal photograph of a group of seven people raising two flags: the American flag and a flag of a three leaf clover.

St. Pat's Auction 6.jpg
Three people holding money and standing with a priest near a table with a statue and various knick-knacks. A record player, lamp, and stuffed toy are on the ground.

St. Pat's Auction 4.jpg
Two people on stage in hats, one with a microphone, speaking to a crowd of people. Various objects are on display on and near the stage.

St. Pat's Auction 3.jpg
A person pie-ing (?) another person in the face. Four people are looking on, three wearing hats and one with a pipe in their mouth.

St. Pat's Auction 2.jpg
A person looking at a table of various garments and accessories. A sign reads "O'Pickle and Von Berg Ready-To-Wear Apparel (Donated by Good Germans)". Some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly…

St. Pat's Auction 1.jpg
Six people on a stage, clapping. Five are wearing hats. One is accepting a statue that wears a robe of three leaf clovers. The statue is holding jugs which read "Loras" and have candles in them. The number #113 is printed on the on the edge of the…

Mass and Choir 1.jpg
A choir gathered around an organ.
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