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Band 1950 - 51 15.jpg
Eight people squatting, staring at a pile of saxophones.

Band 1950 - 51 16.jpg
Five people, each holding musical instruments, standing by piano. From the left: a trombone, a saxophone, a trumpet, xylophone mallet, and drumsticks.

Band 1950 - 51 18.jpg
A band seated, playing sheet music set on music stands. A person at the front of the room is conducting.

Band 1950 - 51 3.jpg
A band playing at a makeshift stage at the Rock Bowl. A football game is being played on the field in the background. Snow is visible on the ground around the field.

Band 1950 - 51 5.jpg
Two people wearing suits on stage. One person is playing at a piano and laughing and the other person is standing with both of their hand on the piano lid. The standing person is wearing a football helmet.

Band 1950 - 51 6.jpg
A band seated on a tiered stage in the Fieldhouse. A person in the background is playing piano. In the center of the image, a person in a dress is playing a trumpet.

Band 1950 - 51 7.jpg
Three tuba players and a euphonium player, seated and playing their instruments. A music stand is on front of the center tuba player.

Band 1950 - 51 8.jpg
A band playing from sheet music on music stands. A person at the front of the room is conducting.

Barb Beriweedy 1.jpg
A person on stage singing into a microphone. A person playing piano and part of a palm tree decoration are visible behind the singer.

Baseball 1.jpg
Two people facing away from the camera. One in a jacket that reads "Loras" holding two baseball bats and another with uniform number 1, with one hand on their hip. Both are wearing dark colored baseball caps.
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