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1951, p65 copy.jpg
Page 58 of the 1951 Loras College Purgold yearbook. 1 photograph depicts homecoming queen Mary Ann Noel with her arm linked through Don Miller's. The two are seated in a crowd. Text surrounding this image describes homecoming in 1950.

1951, p10.jpg
A yearbook page with a large photo showing 8 members of the Loras College Faculty of 1951 seated around a table. The text at the bottom of the page laments the passing of Monsignor Howell and Father Rowan. It also mentioned many students "departing…

1950, p77.jpg
A yearbook page depicting two people in white, medical attire are arranging surgical equipment on a table. They are wearing dark colored latex gloves, white medical masks which cover the lower half of their faces, and white caps which cover their…

1950, p156.jpg
A yearbook ad for Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. In the center, the Mercy hospital logo (a cross and stripes accompanied by the word MERCY in an oval) is shown.

1950, p141.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "ECOMING". 9 photographs are visible: (1) a parade float. (2) a parade float which reads "FOX HOLE 1945" and "ROCK BOWL 1949". (3) bleachers at the Rock Bowl filled with students. (4) several people dressed in clown…

1950, p140.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "HOM". Text at the left side of the page describes homecoming in 1949. At the top left of the page, a photograph of a bonfire can be seen. At the right of the page, three photographs are visible: (1) several students ride…

1950, p127.jpg
A yearbook page that reads, "VESTED CHOIR." Three photographs of the choir are shown: (1) The choir standing, singing from books. (2) A choir member seated, playing an organ. (3) The members of the choir posed on the altar of Christ the King Chapel.

1950, p103.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "IOWA CONFERENCE CHAMPS" and "MIDLANDS CONFERENCE CHAMPS". A photograph at the top right of the page shows Coach Dowd receiving an Iowa Conference Trophy from Coach Peterson after a play-off game in Cedar Rapids. Both…

Wrestling 5.jpg
Two wrestlers entangled on a mat. One wrestler is laying on their back, their legs in the air. The other wrestler has one hand on their chest and the other hand hooked under one of their legs. An audience is visible in the bleachers in the…

Queens-Nov. 2nd,1951-1952.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, displaying portraits of the Loras College 1951 Homecoming Queen Court. The five portraits are identified as 1) Ruth Dunbar, 2) Helen
Joslin, 3) Patricia Hogan, 4) Jolene…
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