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Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 17.jpg
A band performing outside in the Rock Bowl. They are wearing matching marching band hats with feathers. Across the field, another band is visible by a crowd in bleachers. Several people are walking on the football field. In the background, a bus and…

Loose negatives at front of box 11.jpg
A person in street clothes shooting a basketball. #114 on edge.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 17.jpg
Ten football players. Five of the players in the front are kneeling and the person in the center is holding a football that reads "Champs 52". They are all wearing shirts that read "LORAS DUHAWKS" with a picture of a football that has a number on it.…

Loose Negatives from rest of box 22.jpg
Six bowlers in the Fieldhouse. They are all knelt, each holding a trophy. In front of them are a set of bowling pins and a bowling ball. #451 on edge.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 51.jpg
Basketball players in action. A player wearing a jersey with the number 4 attempts to make a shot and is blocked by a player with the jersey number 3. Oher players are visible on the basketball court, one with jersey number 6. People seated in the…

Loose Negatives from rest of box 55.jpg
A desk with trophies covering its surface. Some labels: "Loras College Intramural Champion" and "M. C. Doubles Champs 52."

Students, Individual (No Date) 20.jpg
A person in casual clothing on a basketball court, about to shoot a basketball. #6 on edge.

1951, p66.jpg
Page 59 of the 1951 Loras College Purgold yearbook. 7 photographs are depicted. From the top left:
(1) Students in bleachers with a vehicle parked in front of the bleachers.
(2) The Fieldhouse at Loras College with various "WELCOME ALUMNI" signage…

1951, p65 copy.jpg
Page 58 of the 1951 Loras College Purgold yearbook. 1 photograph depicts homecoming queen Mary Ann Noel with her arm linked through Don Miller's. The two are seated in a crowd. Text surrounding this image describes homecoming in 1950.

1950, p128.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "SOCIAL & DECORATION COMMITTEES". Text at the right side of the page describes the committees and their duties. At the left of the page, two photographs show students working on decorations alongside one sketch of a…
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