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1957, p93.jpg
A yearbook page depicting the Sodality, a club at Loras College. Five photographs are shown. From top to bottom: (1) Members of the Sodality stand outside next to a vehicle that reads "LORAS COLLEGE." (2) A member of Sodality is seated, selling…

1957, p89.jpg
A yearbook page discussing the National Federation of Catholic College Students (NFCCS). Three photographs are shown. From top to bottom: (1) The officers of NFCCS stand surrounding one person seated at a desk. (2) Four members relax at a mixer…

1957, p84.jpg
A yearbook page that reads "OFF HOURS". Three images are shown. From left to right: (1) 6 nursing students relaxing in their lounge. Three surround a record player. Two are reading together from the same magazine. (2) Five nursing students having a…

1957, p83.jpg
A yearbook page that reads "INFORMALS" and "MERCY AT WORK". Two images are shown. (1) A nursing student works in the lab. They are using a metal implement in a metal jar. Several metal jars are present on a rolling cart. (2) Four nursing students…

Purgold Yearbook Specials 5.jpg
Many people with books walking down a sidewalk. Rohlman Hall is visible in the background.

Homecoming Preparations 2 8.jpg
Three people decorating a papier mache creature. It appears reptilian and one person is attaching papier mache teeth to its mouth.

Homecoming Preparations 2 10.jpg
Three people on ladders hang a sign that reads "DRUB THE KNIGHTS" while four people decorate outdoor lights nearby.

Homecoming Preparations 2 11.jpg
A group of people around a tissue paper decoration that reads "DRUBB". One person is smiling directly at the camera.

Homecoming Preparations 9.jpg
A group of people set up a tissue paper castle decoration outdoors.

Campus Improvement 1958 3.jpg
A worker kneeling near a cut out portion of roof.
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