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Stile Show at Clarke 1.jpg
A person on a catwalk in a white, lace gown with a veil and gloves. They are holding a bouquet. (Note: Stile may be a misspelling of "Style")

McGlaughlin, George. His Room. 3.jpg
A person seated on the floor with many posters on the walls.

Barb Beriweedy 1.jpg
A person on stage singing into a microphone. A person playing piano and part of a palm tree decoration are visible behind the singer.

Address System Operators in Gym 2.jpg
Three people seated and one person crouched, posed for a photograph. One person is holding a headset. Another holds a microphone. A priest stands to the left of them, leaning on a machine.

Address System Operators in Gym 1.jpg
Four people, one with a headset, one with a microphone, and one turning the dials of a machine while the fourth looks on. A priest is present, leaning on the machine and observing the group.

Mantovani 1.jpg
A conductor leading an orchestra, facing the audience.

Mantovani 2.jpg
A conductor leading an orchestra, facing the orchestra.

Mantovani 3.jpg
A conductor leading an orchestra. The American flag is visible above the stage.

Lorian Staff 17.jpg
Two people seated at a desk, one with a pencil and one on a telephone.

Lorian Staff 14.jpg
Three people stand near a table of photographs for printing.
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