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Baseball 3.jpg
A Loras baseball player at bat. The trees in the background are bare of leaves.

Baseball 2.jpg
Two Loras baseball players in uniform. One is holding a baseball bat. Another person in a dark colored jacket is holding two baseball bats. All are wearing dark colored baseball caps that read "L". Two baseball helmets rest on the ground. The trees…

Baseball 1.jpg
Two people facing away from the camera. One in a jacket that reads "Loras" holding two baseball bats and another with uniform number 1, with one hand on their hip. Both are wearing dark colored baseball caps.

Lorian Staff 1.jpg
A group of people holding up soda bottles. They are smiling and cheering.

Lorian Staff 2.jpg
A person arranging moveable type for a letterpress.

Lorian Staff 3.jpg
A person knelt near a printing machine, holding a newspaper.

Lorian Staff 5.jpg
Three people seated as one person uses a guillotine paper cutter.

Lorian Staff 6.jpg
Five people standing around a desk where one person is typing. One person looks distressed and is covering their eyes.

Lorian Staff 7.jpg
Four people stand around a desk, laughing. One person stands on a chair, and another seated person pumps his fist in the air.

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