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Albert and Emily are seated to the left. Peter B. Sr. has Albert J. on his lap, and Edward is pointing to the camera, trying to get Albert J. to look.
In front of the buggy pulled by Prince the Horse are Albert and Emily Hoffmann, Peter B. Sr. holding Albert J., and Edward Hoffmann.
Albert. J is seated on the ground with Peter B. Sr. next to him. Albert and Emily are standing. The adults are pulling leaves off branches.
Albert D., Emily, Peter B. Sr, and young Albert J. are at the base of a cliff picking berries off vines.
Edward and Albert D. are seated on the log closest to the camera while Emil Youngblood and Peter B. Hoffmann are about thirty feet back.
Edward is seated at the base of a bridge over a creek while a cow approaches. Emily and Albert stand on the bridge and Albert looks back at the horse and buggy on the road behind.
Almost the entire Hoffmann family is posed on a bridge in Union Park. From left to right, they are Bertha, Albert D., Alvina, Great Grandma Nickels, Katherine (grandma), Peter B. (Grandpa), Emily F. holding baby John Peter, Edward, Albert J., Ida…
Emily Hoffmann has her pole in the stream, as does Edward. Albert stands back on the bank. Another man is further downstream and Prince waits with the carriage at the top of the bank.
Edward, Emily, and Albert are climbing to the top of a hill with a creek far below them. The men are dressed in suits and hats and Emily is wearing a dark dress and white hat.
Edward, Peter B. Sr., Albert, and Emil Youngblood have a picnic spread out in front of them and are eating sandwiches and fruit. Albert's hat is hung on a barbed wire fence behind them.
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