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Albert is perched at the top of the broken-off hollowed tree, while Emil is inside looking down. Edward is inside at the bottom.
Albert, Emily, Edward, toddler Albert J., Emil Youngblood and Peter B. Sr. are sitting at the base of a cliff, stripping plants of their berries. Young Albert is reaching into the full basket.
Emily, Albert and Edward are located in a rocky, sloping pasture. There's a split rail fence to the bottom with a feeder, and Prince the Horse waits with the buggy behind it.
Edward, Emily, and Albert along with a cow are at a place identified on the back as McKnegul's Spring. There is a carriage coming down the road behind them.
Eight men are seated and standing in front of a white tent in a thinly filled forest, with the river in the background. There is a message on the back from "PBA" to "Emily." The address is "Mrs. A.D. Hoffman , c/of John Schumacher, 3921 West Polk…
Albert, Emil, Peter B. Sr. and Edward are standing on an outcropping underneath a tall cliff which rises behind them.
A group of nine people are sitting and standing outside a small white-sided house. Peter B. Sr., Emil Youngblood, Albert D. and Edward Hoffmann are identifiable.
Edward, Emil, and Albert are in the middle of tall grasses and milkweed, sorting berries. Prince the Horse and the buggy are behind them.
Emily and Edward Hoffmann are fishing while Albert stands on the bank behind them. Prince the horse waits with the buggy on the top of the bank, while another two men - probably Peter B. Sr. and Emil Youngblood - are farther downstream.
Six men are in front of a white-sided house. Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. leans on a tree to the far left of the frame. The two leftmost seated men are not identified; Vincent Hoffmann is the one seated between the trees. Albert D. and Edward stand to the…
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