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Albert. J is seated on the ground with Peter B. Sr. next to him. Albert and Emily are standing. The adults are pulling leaves off branches.
Albert and Emily are seated to the left. Peter B. Sr. has Albert J. on his lap, and Edward is pointing to the camera, trying to get Albert J. to look.
In front of the buggy pulled by Prince the Horse are Albert and Emily Hoffmann, Peter B. Sr. holding Albert J., and Edward Hoffmann.
Albert, Emily, Edward, toddler Albert J., Emil Youngblood and Peter B. Sr. are sitting at the base of a cliff, stripping plants of their berries. Young Albert is reaching into the full basket.
Albert D., Emily, Peter B. Sr, and young Albert J. are at the base of a cliff picking berries off vines.
From left to right is: Emily Hoffmann, Albert D. Hoffmann holding Albert J. Hoffmann, Peter B. Hoffmann Sr., and Edward Hoffmann. All of them are sitting on the ground and looking towards the center of the group. They have a blanket placed on the…
The Hoffmann family is standing, kneeling, or sitting on the ground. Albert D. Hoffmann is standing on the left side of the photograph, and is looking downwards at his hands that are holding vines and berries. Albert Hoffmann, the toddler, is…
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