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Albert D., Emily, Peter B. Sr, and young Albert J. are at the base of a cliff picking berries off vines.
Albert. J is seated on the ground with Peter B. Sr. next to him. Albert and Emily are standing. The adults are pulling leaves off branches.
In front of the buggy pulled by Prince the Horse are Albert and Emily Hoffmann, Peter B. Sr. holding Albert J., and Edward Hoffmann.
Albert and Emily are seated to the left. Peter B. Sr. has Albert J. on his lap, and Edward is pointing to the camera, trying to get Albert J. to look.
Prince the horse is eating grass while hitched to the family carriage. Albert and Emily are standing together, while Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. is holding Albert J. and Edward stands next to them.
The Hoffmann family and "Uncle Emil Youngblood" are picnicking at the base of a stone cliff; their horse buggy is in the background. Albert and a hatless Emily are standing while Edward is handing something to young Albert J. Emil and Peter B. Sr.…
Five people stand in front of a horse - Prince - and buggy. Albert D. Hoffmann and Emily F. are to the right. A toddler-age Albert J. is being held by Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. Edward is next to them. Since Albert J. was born in 1910, this picture was…
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