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Infant L. Herron.jpg
Photograph of an infant Louise, she wears a long white garment.

Young L. Herron.jpg
Portrait photograph of a young Louise E. Herron. She wears a floral dress and large bow in hair.

Dubuque Museum of Art Exhibit Invitation.jpg
Invitation to the Halliburton Exhibit opening reception.

Thailand Sketch.jpg
L.H.H. Sketchbook: 36 : various media; 6 x 4.625 in.

Paper placards reading, "SILENT VIGIL FOR PEACE"

War is the Enemy.jpg
Handmade sign with silver reflective letters on black paper reading, "WAR IS THE ENEMY."

Christmas card_gold.jpg
Design in color ink and gold leaf shows a procession of figures towards a church on top of a hill in a winter landscape.

Design for an Easter card showing a young woman with long dress and hat and a small elf holding a pot of tulips. They stand in front of a garden setting, a banner above them reads, "Happy Easter."

Christmas card sketch.jpg
Sketch for a Christmas card print of Father Christmas in winter setting, a polar bear and reindeer in the background.
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