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Albert and Emily are seated to the left. Peter B. Sr. has Albert J. on his lap, and Edward is pointing to the camera, trying to get Albert J. to look.
In front of the buggy pulled by Prince the Horse are Albert and Emily Hoffmann, Peter B. Sr. holding Albert J., and Edward Hoffmann.
Four men are posed on a hill while a stone bluff rises high above them. Albert D. Hoffmann is seated, Emil Youngblood is standing, Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. is seated, and Edward Hoffmann is standing and pointing into the distance. The card is addressed…
Two men are seated on the trunk nearest the camera and two on the farther one. The nearest possibly are Albert and Edward, while one of the far men is Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. and the other may be Emil Youngblood.
Albert and Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. are seated on the ground while Emil Youngblood and Edward Hoffmann stand, Edward pointing off into the distance. Behind them rises a tall stone bluff.
Peter B. Sr., Edward, and Albert D. Hoffmann are with Emil Youngblood, picking flowers that could be black-eyed susans from a hillside full of the blossoms.
Edward, Peter B. Sr., Albert, and Emil Youngblood have a picnic spread out in front of them and are eating sandwiches and fruit. Albert's hat is hung on a barbed wire fence behind them.
Edward, Peter B. Sr., and Albert D. Hoffmann are picnicking with Emil Youngblood. Their meal and utensils are spread out on the ground in front of them. All have their hats off; Albert's is hanging on the barbed-wire fence behind them. Edward and…
Albert, Emily, Edward, toddler Albert J., Emil Youngblood and Peter B. Sr. are sitting at the base of a cliff, stripping plants of their berries. Young Albert is reaching into the full basket.
A dirt road is featured in the center of this photograph. It starts in the front middle and extends to the back middle of the photograph. The road is above a small hill that is blocked off by tree limb fence posts and wire. Three men overlook the…
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