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In this postcard, a brown bear with a red bow on its neck is seen hold a wicker basket full of flowers. The bear is standing in the doorway or a room that is front of a grassy field with trees.
In this red postcard, there are 6 donkeys position around a wooden fence in a grassy pasture.

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In this postcard, there is a mother and baby donkey who are tied to a wooden fence. Behind this fence the sky is bright blue with few clouds and the surrounding area is abundant with grass. At the bottom of the postcard the word "Meekness" is typed.
In this postcard, a white bear is seen bewildered due to the fact that it sat on a freshly-painted red bench. At the bottom of the postcard the text "A Bear Impression" is written.
Set somehwat into the background of the card is an old-fashioned windmill with three blades visible. It is surrounded by green trees and grass. Closer to the front of the card, a woman stands behind a stone wall and wooden turnstile. Printed in the…
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