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Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 7.jpg
Eleven people standing outside in the snow. Five of them are wearing corsages. One person to the right is holding a large box. A person near a microphone is handing something to a person wearing a dark dress and a corsage. #30 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 8.jpg
A person wearing a dark dress with a corsage is standing, riding in a convertible that has its top down. Three people are seated in the back seat and two people are seated in the front seat. #30 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 9.jpg
A crowd gathered around a stage. A band is seated no the stage. At the front of the stage, a person is placing a crown on the head of a person in a dark dress with a corsage. A sign made of paper plates on a curtain behind the stage reads, "Welcome…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 10.jpg
A bonfire. #1 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 14.jpg
Many pairs of people are dancing on a basketball court. There is a decoration of a football player with a letter "L" on their chest in the background. A sign in the background made of paper plates on a curtain reads, "[illegible] -ome Alumni" #1 on…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 15.jpg
The back of Keane Hall. A decoration on the outside of the building reads, "Taking the Stick to the Tommies". The decoration shows a Loras football player with number 99 on their chest holding a stick and several players of the opposing team writing…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 17.jpg
A band performing outside in the Rock Bowl. They are wearing matching marching band hats with feathers. Across the field, another band is visible by a crowd in bleachers. Several people are walking on the football field. In the background, a bus and…

Homecoming Preparations 9.jpg
A group of people set up a tissue paper castle decoration outdoors.

Homecoming Preparations 2 11.jpg
A group of people around a tissue paper decoration that reads "DRUBB". One person is smiling directly at the camera.

Homecoming Preparations 2 10.jpg
Three people on ladders hang a sign that reads "DRUB THE KNIGHTS" while four people decorate outdoor lights nearby.
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