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1950, p140.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "HOM". Text at the left side of the page describes homecoming in 1949. At the top left of the page, a photograph of a bonfire can be seen. At the right of the page, three photographs are visible: (1) several students ride…

1950, p141.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "ECOMING". 9 photographs are visible: (1) a parade float. (2) a parade float which reads "FOX HOLE 1945" and "ROCK BOWL 1949". (3) bleachers at the Rock Bowl filled with students. (4) several people dressed in clown…

1950, p128.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "SOCIAL & DECORATION COMMITTEES". Text at the right side of the page describes the committees and their duties. At the left of the page, two photographs show students working on decorations alongside one sketch of a…

1951, p65 copy.jpg
Page 58 of the 1951 Loras College Purgold yearbook. 1 photograph depicts homecoming queen Mary Ann Noel with her arm linked through Don Miller's. The two are seated in a crowd. Text surrounding this image describes homecoming in 1950.

1951, p66.jpg
Page 59 of the 1951 Loras College Purgold yearbook. 7 photographs are depicted. From the top left:
(1) Students in bleachers with a vehicle parked in front of the bleachers.
(2) The Fieldhouse at Loras College with various "WELCOME ALUMNI" signage…

Homecoming Preparations 2 8.jpg
Three people decorating a papier mache creature. It appears reptilian and one person is attaching papier mache teeth to its mouth.

Homecoming Preparations 2 10.jpg
Three people on ladders hang a sign that reads "DRUB THE KNIGHTS" while four people decorate outdoor lights nearby.

Homecoming Preparations 2 11.jpg
A group of people around a tissue paper decoration that reads "DRUBB". One person is smiling directly at the camera.

Homecoming Preparations 9.jpg
A group of people set up a tissue paper castle decoration outdoors.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 17.jpg
A band performing outside in the Rock Bowl. They are wearing matching marching band hats with feathers. Across the field, another band is visible by a crowd in bleachers. Several people are walking on the football field. In the background, a bus and…
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