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Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 15.jpg
The back of Keane Hall. A decoration on the outside of the building reads, "Taking the Stick to the Tommies". The decoration shows a Loras football player with number 99 on their chest holding a stick and several players of the opposing team writing…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 14.jpg
Many pairs of people are dancing on a basketball court. There is a decoration of a football player with a letter "L" on their chest in the background. A sign in the background made of paper plates on a curtain reads, "[illegible] -ome Alumni" #1 on…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 10.jpg
A bonfire. #1 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 9.jpg
A crowd gathered around a stage. A band is seated no the stage. At the front of the stage, a person is placing a crown on the head of a person in a dark dress with a corsage. A sign made of paper plates on a curtain behind the stage reads, "Welcome…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 8.jpg
A person wearing a dark dress with a corsage is standing, riding in a convertible that has its top down. Three people are seated in the back seat and two people are seated in the front seat. #30 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 7.jpg
Eleven people standing outside in the snow. Five of them are wearing corsages. One person to the right is holding a large box. A person near a microphone is handing something to a person wearing a dark dress and a corsage. #30 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 6.jpg
A person wearing a light colored dress, smiling, placing crown on another person who is wearing a dark colored dress and a corsage on their top. #30 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 5.jpg
A group of six people working on decorations. Two are standing, holding the end of a large tissue paper decoration. Four are crouched, some arranging part of the decoration. #5 on edge.

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 4.jpg
A group of six people working on decorations. Four are standing. One is holding a cigarette and indicating to the person on the left, who is smiling. The two standing people on the right are holding pieces of cloth. Two people are crouched, holding…

Homecoming (1951 - 1952) 1.jpg
Band members and an audience at Rock Bowl. Tubas and marching band hats are visible on the outdoor stage. #7 on edge.
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