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Mantovani- Nov. 2nd, 1955-1956.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the visit of Mantovani and his orchestra to Loras College in 1955. A photograph of the Loras audience watching the orchestra accompanies the article.
A golden-haired, white-robed angel is playing music at a pipe organ. In front of it, two girls - one with blonde hair and one with brown - sing at a podium. There is a lighted Christmas tree to the right and "Best Christmas Wishes" printed at the…
A red-robed angel plays a stringed instrument like a violin on the left side of the card. Printed on the right is "Hark! the heaven of heavens is ringing, Christ the Lord to man is born, Welcome, Welcome, Christmas morn. Rev. Archer Gurney." The…
A blonde-haired figure with white and red feathered wings is playing a many-stringed guitar. The print in the upper right reads "Putto Che Suona La Chitarra" with undistinguishable print afterwards, loosely translated as 'Putto plays the guitar'.

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A blonde-haired angel dressed in red-gold and green with red-gold wings holds a harp-like instrument. It is bordered by holly and the lower right reads "A happy Christmas."
Baby Jesus dressed in white with a golden halo lays in the manger, extending one hand to the three blonde-haired angels singing to him from the foot of the bed. The border is gold and red stripes with holly. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the…
The upper part of the card depicts two angels, one playing the harp and one holding pink-purple flowers, looking down upon the baby Jesus with a lamb in the hay on the lower half of the card.

Band 1950 - 51 10.jpg
Four people at a piano, laughing. One person is seated, a clarinet player next to them. Behind the piano, two people are leaning on the piano lid. One is holding a trumpet.

Band 1950 - 51 13.jpg
A group of people with instruments. On the left, three people are seated on a couch. Behind the couch, two people stand holding a trumpet and euphonium. On the right, three people are seated on a couch. Two people, one holding a trumpet and one…

Band 1950 - 51 15.jpg
Eight people squatting, staring at a pile of saxophones.
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