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Campus 2.tif
The Rock Bowl to the SE - Smyth Hall & Alumni Campus Center in background.

Campus 3.tif
The Rock Bowl to the S - Keane Hall and Fieldhouse in background.

Print 1.tif
Football player knelt on a field with their fist on the ground. They are smiling at the camera. (Note: "Before 1958" is written on back of print.)

Vickers-Hector Envelope 1.tif
Two images of the same four people. The top photograph shows four people in matching suits seated on a staircase. The bottom photo shows four people seated at a table with notebooks. There are two photographs per strip. (A note on the front of the…

Loras College Photographic Negative Collection Box Inventory.docx
An item level box inventory of 1,550 photographic negatives from the Loras College Photograph Collection. These negatives are housed among two boxes: "Photographic Negatives 1957-1958" and "Photographic Negatives 1949-1954, Pre-1958"
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