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Address System Operators in Gym 1.jpg
Four people, one with a headset, one with a microphone, and one turning the dials of a machine while the fourth looks on. A priest is present, leaning on the machine and observing the group.

Address System Operators in Gym 2.jpg
Three people seated and one person crouched, posed for a photograph. One person is holding a headset. Another holds a microphone. A priest stands to the left of them, leaning on a machine.

McGlaughlin, George. His Room. 3.jpg
A person seated on the floor with many posters on the walls.

Loose Negatives at back of the box 60.jpg
A person seated at a table, selling Christmas cards. A person stands at the table, smiling with a card in their hand. Two signs in the background read, "Christmas Card Sale Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 Assorted Box 21 in each box $1.00 A Sodality Project" and…

1954, p73.jpg
A yearbook page depicting Alpha Phi Omega. An image to the top right shows two members raising the Unite States flag. A picture at the bottom depicts 31 members of the organization gathered on the chapel steps.

1957, p89.jpg
A yearbook page discussing the National Federation of Catholic College Students (NFCCS). Three photographs are shown. From top to bottom: (1) The officers of NFCCS stand surrounding one person seated at a desk. (2) Four members relax at a mixer…

1957, p93.jpg
A yearbook page depicting the Sodality, a club at Loras College. Five photographs are shown. From top to bottom: (1) Members of the Sodality stand outside next to a vehicle that reads "LORAS COLLEGE." (2) A member of Sodality is seated, selling…
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