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Address System Operators in Gym 1.jpg
Four people, one with a headset, one with a microphone, and one turning the dials of a machine while the fourth looks on. A priest is present, leaning on the machine and observing the group.

Address System Operators in Gym 2.jpg
Three people seated and one person crouched, posed for a photograph. One person is holding a headset. Another holds a microphone. A priest stands to the left of them, leaning on a machine.

AΣ Sigma Boat Picnic May 3, 1958 1.jpg
A group of students smiling and waving from the inside of a boat.

Jubilee- Oct 14th, 1959-1960.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the fifty-year anniversary of the Loras College Players theatre troupe.

Loose Negatives at back of the box 60.jpg
A person seated at a table, selling Christmas cards. A person stands at the table, smiling with a card in their hand. Two signs in the background read, "Christmas Card Sale Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 Assorted Box 21 in each box $1.00 A Sodality Project" and…

Lorian Staff 1.jpg
A group of people holding up soda bottles. They are smiling and cheering.

Lorian Staff 13.jpg
Three people sitting at a desk of photographs. One has their hand on a guillotine paper cutter.

Lorian Staff 14.jpg
Three people stand near a table of photographs for printing.

Lorian Staff 17.jpg
Two people seated at a desk, one with a pencil and one on a telephone.
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