"A Merry Christmas" African-American Postcard



"A Merry Christmas" African-American Postcard


This postcard is oriented horizontally, showing a wintry scene. In the center is a depiction of an African-American woman standing in the open doorway of a log cab with yellow light spilling out to the snowy ground. Icicles hang from the cabin, and she stands smiling widely in the doorway with the door swinging open into the house behind her. She wears a pale blue long-skirted and long-sleeved dress (though the sleeves are rolled up to her elbows) with a red-polka dot apron over her middle. On her head is a red hat with flaps on either side of her head and she reaches out in front of her with her right hand. Outside the cabin is an older, bearded African-American man with his right side facing the viewer. He uses a closed black umbrella to lean on with his right hand and holds up a dead white goose with his left hand. The white goose is held by its tied-together legs from the man's hand, which is covered by a brown mitten. He wears a black top hat with a long black overcoat that hangs open. Out of his pocket on the right side pokes a red cloth. In the background behind him, snow covered pine trees are visible. On the right side of the postcard is the side of the cabin, built out of variously sized logs. Greenery is seen to be climbing up the side of the doorway. On the far right side of the card, a window into the warm interior of the cabin is visible, showing a decorated Christmas tree with red ball ornaments. A window towards the left side of the postcard (visible behind the man) has a red curtain. In the bottom left corner of the postcard it reads "A Merry Christmas" in black curling script.


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Roseliep, Raymond
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Hahn, Sara




Date postcard was scanned: 20151112






Box 1, Tab 17

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14x9 cm


“"A Merry Christmas" African-American Postcard,” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed July 18, 2024, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/2797.