Elf Tending to the Pigs Postcard



Elf Tending to the Pigs Postcard


This postcard is oriented vertically and has a brown border around all sides. Inside this brown border are alternating white shapes of a bell and a Star of David. Inside this border is an elf holding a smiling piglet and facing a smiling full-grown pig. In the upper left corner of the postcard, built into the wooden planked wall of the building that the figures are in is a window made of nine panes. A blue sky is seen outside of the window and sunlight shines through. On the left side of the card, in the foreground of the window, is a full-grown pig with its two front legs and hooves hooked through a wooden fence. The pig looks at the elf with a sort of smile on its face. In front of the pig sits a steaming pale of some liquid. The pale is a dark green with a grey handle and two grey stripes around its circumference. The pig stands on thick piles of bright gold straw which pokes out from under the wooden fence. On the right side of the card stands an elf wearing a red cap with a long tail with a fuzzy end. The elf has a long white beard and hair and smiles at the full grown pig. In this arms he holds a smiling piglet. His hands are uncovered and he wears a red coat. His pants are an emerald green and he wears golden boots with pointed toes. The elf also stands on a grey floor in the building. the piglet in his hands looks back at him as it smiles, but is pointed toward the full-grown pig.


Roseliep Christmas Postcard Collection
Roseliep, Raymond
Christmas Postcards


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Hahn, Sara




Date postcard was scanned: 20151201




Box 1, Tab 17

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9x14 cm



“Elf Tending to the Pigs Postcard,” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed May 30, 2024, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/2840.