Happy New Year from Baby New Year Postcard



Happy New Year from Baby New Year Postcard


This postcard is oriented vertically and has a thin white border on all sides. Inside this border is another frame made of a tan background. This is then framed by a blue/green/grey straight line border on the left and right sides of the postcard with an arched frame on the top and no border on the bottom. Inside this blue/green/grey frame is a wave-like black line with spiked lines intermittently placed along it. In the upper left and right corners are circles with a white smiling hog head facing the other. The centerpiece of this postcard is of an older bearded man sitting on a tall rock wall and holding a swaddled child. The man wears a furry domed hat with a golden crown around the dome of the hat. He wears a floor-length red coat with fur lining and fur cuffs, and grey gloves. On his face is a pair of bifocals placed on the tip of his nose and he looks down at a smiling child swaddled in his arms on his lap. The infant is smiling with an open mouth and has golden curly hair on his head. His left hand is visible outside of the tight white cloth wrapped around him, and it appears that his right hand is holding a brimming and frothing stein filled with beer. The white cloth around the infant has criss-crossed red borders around it. The old man's shoes are visible under his robe and are red and white checked. To his left, imprinted on the rock wall that he sits on is "DK" circled. Below his feet over the rock wall is a white scroll that reads "Frohes Neujahr" in red script. In the background, behind the man, is a mountain range with a radiant sunrise or sunset and a white sun peeking out behind the mountains, behind the infant's head. Yellow rays extend from the sun over the pink sky. On the left and right side of the two figures are tall, thin, barren trees. Behind this is a snowy landscape with evergreen trees visible.


Roseliep Christmas Postcard Collection
Roseliep, Raymond
Christmas Postcards


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Hahn, Sara




Date postcard was scanned: 20151201






Box 1, Tab 17

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9x14 cm


“Happy New Year from Baby New Year Postcard,” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed June 18, 2024, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/2842.