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A small scene is inset into the right center of the card depicting a river and a house at sunrise or sunset. The background of the card is brown and gold, with holly decorations. Printed to the left is "A merry Christmas."
A small child is seen holding a Krampus statue. The child is smiling and holding it close, as if the statue is being hugged.
St. Nicholas is pictured in white and purple bishop's attire, carrying a book with three gold orbs on it, two bags of apples, and a crosier. At the bottom, "Gruss vom Nikolas" is written in gold script.
The postcard shows a little, curly-haired girl wearing a green dress pulling on a red-faced, smiling Krampus head. The bottom right corner reads "Gruss vom Krampus!" against a white background.
Bust of Krampus in black with red background. Krampus is pictured smiling with horns and sticks in the background. Words included: "Gruss vom Krampus"
Red postcard with Krampus face in top right corner. Krampus hand is breaking through with a chain and is holding a set of sticks tied with a ribbon.
Krampus head at the left top corner of the postcard. He is smiling and sticking out a long tongue. His eyes are closed. Toward the bottom right of the card, there is a bundle of sticks with a chain.
This postcard has a red background showing a red and black Krampus holding a snowball with a surprised look on his face. Near him, a girl is about to throw a snowball at him, another girl with braided pigtails is jumping up and down, and another…
This postcard has a red background with a red and black outlined Krampus and a young girl. In the image, the Krampus holds his hand on his face with a perplexed look as he looks at the young girl. The girl has a bow in her hair, holds a doll by its…
This postcard is on a red background with a red and black outlined Krampus, a woman, and a man. The Krampus is on the right side of the trio and is seen making rabbit ears behind the man's head and grinning and staring at the woman. The woman looks…
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