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Santa Claus is dressed in a red coat and a hat with a tassel. He is grinning with his teeth, somewhat disturbingly, and holds a pipe in his green-gloved hand. "A Merry Christmas to you" is printed to the lower right of the card.
Santa Claus is dressed in a red suit and hat, smiling with his teeth showing. He is holding a small lighted Christmas tree in his arms, and there is a mistletoe decoration below him. "Merry Christmas to you" is printed at the bottom.
Inset like a portrait is a black-and-white drawing of a man and a woman's head views, looking at each other and smirking. "How you and me" is at the bottom of the portrait, and handwritten on the card is "On one of my busy days. Jack".
Krampus head at the left top corner of the postcard. He is smiling and sticking out a long tongue. His eyes are closed. Toward the bottom right of the card, there is a bundle of sticks with a chain.
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