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This Santa has a pink and purple coat. He is carrying dolls and a bag on his back.
A bird is carrying gifts down the Chimney as two other birds sleep. There is texts about Peter's Weatherbird leather shoes on the postcard.
National Santa Clause looking through his eye glass to make sure the children are asleep. He is carrying a bag of gifts..
National Santa Claus is smoking a cigarette and has am American Flag in the background. There is cursive writing on the bottom and a Christmas border around Santa.

Loose Negatives at back of the box 60.jpg
A person seated at a table, selling Christmas cards. A person stands at the table, smiling with a card in their hand. Two signs in the background read, "Christmas Card Sale Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 Assorted Box 21 in each box $1.00 A Sodality Project" and…
Female Santa Claus is dumping gifts. There is an embroidered design on the top of the card and a Christmas greeting on the bottom.
The main scene of the card is printed in black and white. It shows a family gathered around a lighted and decorated Christmas tree. A man and woman stand to the right, with the woman holding a baby. Another child sits on the floor, and one stands by…
A young boy is checking the shoes he left outside for St. Nick. St. Nicholas is overlooking the boy check his shoes for gifts.
Inside a manger full of hay and straw, baby Jesus, wrapped in a cloth, is seen clutching a few small branches of holly. This portrait of baby Jesus is ornamented with two branches of holly that bear holly berries. Above the picture, among two more…
This postcard shows a littler girl affectionately eyeing her toys around Christmas. She is wearing a red and white striped dress with red slippers and is in a room that is decorated with holly and other decorations.
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