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Santa Claus, smiling, is holding up a teddy bear in his left hand while he has a jack-in-the-box under his other arm. There is a basket of toys on his back. Printed in the lower right are the words "Christmas Greetings..."
Santa Claus, pipe in mouth, is holding up a teddy bear as if for inspection. He has a bag of toys on his back, which includes dolls and instruments. Santa is outside in the snow. "Best Christmas Wishes" is printed in the upper left.
Santa Claus is pictured on the right side of the card, looking back over his shoulder at the viewer. He is dressed in a long red coat and hat. He carries a walking staff in one hand, and on his back has a tree, instruments, and teddy bear. there is a…
Santa Claus, laughing, is carrying a load of toys in his arms. They include dolls, instruments, a teddy bear, and other toys. He has a bag and tree on his back. "Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left corner.
Santa Claus is peeking out from a ripped section of paper on the card. To the left, a teddy bear is also visible through a rip. "Yule-tide Greetings" is printed at the top and there are holly and mistletoe decorations around the card.
The card, done in a cartoon-like style, shows Santa Claus in a red coat putting ornaments on a small Christmas tree. There are boxes of toys around him as well as a desk with candle. Two small winged angels stand behind the door to watch him.
Santa Claus is dressed in a hooded red coat, smoking a long-stemmed pipe while carrying toys in his arms and on his back. The toys include dolls, instruments, a book, and a teddy bear. "A Merry Christmas" is printed along the top.
Santa Claus, dressed in his red suit, is looking back over his shoulder at the bag of toys on his back. Inside, it holds a doll, teddy bear, drum, package and holly. The poem at the bottom is too faint to read.
Against a monochrome background, the colors of Father Christmas and the two children pop. Father Christmas stands to the left in a dark coat and white polka dot hat. There are toys at his belt; in his left arm he carries a tree and in his right, a…
A teddy bear is sitting on top of a round stool, its right paw uplifted in a wave. The print at the bottom reads "To My Valentine / Keep a little bare spot / In your heart for me: / You'll find me faithful / As Teddy B."
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